Beyond the Museum


In addition to museum tours, Art Muse Los Angeles can curate tours of seasonal art fairs and of select Los Angeles galleries specializing in contemporary art.  The gallery tours are organized by districts, including Culver City, the Wilshire Corridor, Downtown Los Angeles, and Bergamot Station.

We work with corporate clients to arrange VIP tours of museums and galleries.

We can also bring art talks to your work place and can develop workshops to provide in-depth art experiences.

To make arrangements for programs “beyond the museum” contact

Professional Mixer. Mark Moore Gallery


Young Professionals Mixer

Art Muse LA is hosting a Young Professionals Mixer on October 9th, 7-9:30 p.m., at Mark Moore Gallery, 5790 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232. Margarete Villalobos and Chelsea Hogan, education specialists, and Sarah Jones, artist, will be your hosts. Come imbibe and engage with like-minded people! This event is $10 per person, $15 for two, and $20 for three.

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ESPNLA and Art Muse LA art conversations on Weekend Warrior

Dr. Klapper has invited Clare Kunny and Robin Trento of Art Muse LA to join him once a month on ESPNLA’s Weekend Warrior for a discussion of medicine/art/sports. Exemplary moments in sports and the history of art will be compared. Stories of personal will and individual talent highlight the creative power of the athlete and the artist alike.

You can listen to the podcast on ESPNLA website, or download them here:


Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 12/28
Doc welcomes Robin Trento of Art Muse LA who assists him in his comparison of LeBron James and Jackson Pollock.
Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 12/28
Doc welcomes Clare Kunny from Art Muse LA who talks about sculptor Alexander Calder.
Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 12/7
Doc welcomes Clare Kunny who paints the comparison between painters and golfers.
Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 11/2
Doc welcomes Art Muse LA Robin Trento who talks about the artist Giaccometti.
Weekend Warrior Prime Time Edition (2 hours): 8/21
Dr. Robert Klapper takes listeners through his passion of art with Clare Kunny of Art Muse LA, relating Vincent Van Gogh and ARod.
Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 8/5
ArtMuseLA’s Robin Trento talks about the life of artist Amedeo Modigliani and Doc relates how his life reflects similarities to Yasiel Puig and Kobe Bryant.
Weekend Warrior (2 hours): 6/29
Doc welcomes Clare Kunny of Art Muse Los Angeles who talks about how Pablo Picasso re-creating himself.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 5/25
Robin Trento from ArtMuseLA comes on to talk about the evolution of the artist and athlete.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 5/18
Art Muse LA’s Clare Kunny talks about the Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 3/23
Clare Kunny from Art Muse Los Angeles joins Doc to talk about the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 2/8
Clare Kunny from Art Muse Los Angeles joins Doc to talk about Norman Rockwell.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 8/16 Robin Trento from Art Muse Los Angeles joins Doc to talk about John Singer Sargent.
Weekend Warrior (1 hours): 9/13
Clare Kunny from Art Muse Los Angeles joins Doc to talk about Isamu Noguchi and Vincent van Gogh’s Irises.


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